We use a combination of constantly evolving methodologies – Lean Startup, Growth Hacking, and our own FITFO Methodology.Success is defined as the ability to adapt the strategy according to what you learn. In the same way we constantly adapt the methodologies we use based on what we learn along the way.

FITFO is a term credited to the military that stands for “Figure It The Fuck Out”.

We adopted this term for our unique, ever-changing methodology, because it encompasses how we do things.

FITFO involves everyone, at all levels, of every organisation.

It is a problem-solving methodology that aims for excellence at every opportunity. It creates and encourages an organisational culture of accountability, responsibility, and creativity. 

The goal of FITFO is not simply to reduce or avoid errors, but rather to achieve excellence through a leader-leader behaviour model.

Eric Ries’ Lean Startup offers a scientific approach to creating and managing startups. This method teaches you how to drive and steer a startup, when to change direction, and when to keep at it.

It aims to shorten development cycles and find out as early as possible whether a proposed business idea is viable.

The products startups build are experiments

Innovation is a bottoms-up, decentralized, and unpredictable thing

Learn what customers really want, not what they say they want, or what we think they should want

A marketing strategy that employs rapid experimentation across multiple channels and product development paths to determine the best way to grow and scale a business.

1.Simplicity is key

2.Create a product people actually want

3.Don’t target everybody

4.Pirate Metrics – AARRR: Acquisition, Activation, Revenue, Retention, Referral

5.Improve continuously

Growth Hacking strategies allow you to maximise movement through the sales and marketing funnels with limited budgets.