We build you custom software, so that you can focus on what you do best.

For start-ups & already established businesses

You’re great at what you do, and we’re great at what we do, so let’s work together to make something incredible.


Experienced technology partner

Your ideas deserve excellent, innovative, proven system design solutions for your complex software requirements.

Offering other important services

Software development, support & training, growth hacking, marketing, UX & design, finance, business consulting.


Spend more time and resources on the things you do best, while you trust us to do the things we do best – develop, manage, market, and support custom software.

3 step plan for how we’ll make magic together

Understand your requirements

In terms of budget, expectations, timelines, and more

Suggest the best possible solution

Based on affordability, environment, integration, future possibility, and other criteria

Collaborate on the implementation

Build relationships that will last far beyond this project


The simple method we use to become our start-ups’ favourite technology partner is documented right here.

We created and use the FITFO Methodology because the ones that already existed weren’t suitable for us. What the f*** is FITFO?

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Don’t just take our word for it.


“The FiveFriday team have added great value to our support, environments, deployment and development functions allowing our business to expand and evolve. The application is now easily coping with the capacity, change, and support demands our 1,000 business users are putting on it.”

Neil Valentine

“The Dralix value of “Play-Learn-Teach” and the FiveFriday value “Business is serious and work is fun” is the perfect alignment for a long-lasting business synergy.”

Henk Koekemoer

“The new Shift brand clearly identifies our business as a modern lighting company, something we could not have achieved without the input and sound advice which FiveFriday shared so willingly.”

John Koller

"FiveFriday has been an incredible partner in taking over our technology. The team worked hard in delivering a strong and scalable product. They are always prompt and willing to go the extra mile."

Pauline du Paty

“The FiveFriday team have developed an online entering platform for our business which has provided a quick, efficient and easy-to-use option for our many clients, saving us literally months of work. The team are also always ready to step in to iron out any problems that we encounter along the way. Thank you, FiveFriday, for providing the perfect solution!!!!”

Gill Koller

Want to find out if we’re a good fit to be your technology partner?

You should speak to one of our humans. They’re all really great, just check out our personality page and see for yourself.

Where to find us

Olivewood Estate, Christo Ave

Olivedale, Johannesburg, 2188


+27 11 706 1040