What we do

We could tell you we’re a multi-faceted, all-in-one, multi-talented, one-stop-shop. But no one likes a cliché.

The truth is we love creating and innovating to make our clients’ (that’s you!) lives better. And we’re going to become your favourite partner to help you achieve this.

Our people and culture truly set us apart from any company you’ve previously encountered.



Let us assure you, our services will not meet and beat your expectations, but rather knock them way out of the park.

Think about what you expect outsourced development and support services to be. Now, forget it! We’ll introduce you to a completely different way of doing things.

Our outsourcing services include cost-saving access to incredibly skilled (and fun, quirky, knowledgeable, confident, and weird) individuals in areas of business analysis, software development, support, and project management.

After working with us, you’ll be telling your friends about your favourite outsourcing partner. Mark our words.

We also make clients’ dreams come true by building software to precise specifications, perfectly suited to the job it’s needed for.

If you think it, we can build it. That goes for mobile applications too!

BOOM! Your favourite software development partner right here.


Our suite of cloud-based organisational effectiveness products enable you to improve the general human operations of your company without turning your employees into a bunch of clones blindly following a purpose they may not believe in.

Our current products include:
• Salute – gamified peer recognition
• Clarity – simple surveys
• 60eight – productivity enhancement

We are always adding to this suite, and have other products already in the pipeline.

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FITFO Methodology

After trying many of the business process methodologies and principles out there, we found that none of them worked for us. There were aspects and concepts of some that applied, but also many outdated rules that made no sense to us, or our business.
We knew we needed something better, and so the FITFO methodology was created.

You can download the FITFO white paper by submitting your email address below.


We work with incredible people. Get to know them better through our staff blog. We cover every topic imaginable. Let us know if there’s something you’d specifically like us to talk about.

Our personality

Business is serious, and work is fun.