Finding the right partners for

your startup is f**king important.

A technology 

partner with skin in the game.

A partner who will take
you to the next level.

A partner who is as
invested in the success
of your idea as you are.

We give a damn.

You’ll benefit from a partner who’s done it all before.

Our method encompasses a combination of Lean Startup, Growth Hacking, and our own FITFO principles.

Our company blueprint is focused on being “Simple, significant, with skin in the game”.

We have skin in our clients’ game. Their business is our business.

Starting a business, and gaining traction, is difficult. We’ve been there.

We help startups figure out the right thing to build, and then help them learn how to create a sustainable business.

The emphasis is on collaboration. We’re not here to tell you what to do, but rather to brainstorm, and guide in the best direction, based on our knowledge, and experience.

Skin in the game for startups translates to reduced fees in exchange for equity, or other agreed upon terms, that make us as invested in the success of your idea as you are.


Over a series of engagements with startups, we quickly became aware of some of the challenges entrepreneurs face. It was almost obvious where incubators had failed them, and where they were making mistakes.

Through this, we realised we could be adding a lot more value.
We already had the capabilities in-house to help these companies in far more than just software development and were determined to offer them everything we had in order to ensure their success.