Salute a peer

Salute is a gamified peer recognition system that encourages staff to live out an organisation’s values.

Individuals and teams are rewarded for acting in a way that embodies the attitude of the organisation.

There are three simple steps to follow to get the most out of Salute:

Step 1
Familiarise yourself with the organisation’s values.

Step 2
Ensure you represent the values in every action you take.
Step 3
Pay attention to your colleagues. Acknowledge when they act in a way that is in line with the values.

Check out this video for more ideas.

Alison MellonAlison Mellon
FiveFriday Head of Marketing, Alison, has experience in traditional, below-the-line, and, through-the-line advertising, digital marketing, proposal and bid management, and, corporate marketing/communications. She believes that "close enough" is just not good enough and always strives to do better, both from a business and personal perspective.