FiveFriday Values: Be proud and exude confidence

The dictionary defines pride as a feeling of deep pleasure or satisfaction.

A good way of looking at this, and the best way I can explain it, is by taking your favourite sports team for example.

Imagine your team playing a very important match and scoring that last winning point. I’m sure you’d be very pleased. You’d feel satisfied. You’d be proud to call yourself a (enter team name here) fan.

The same goes for FiveFriday. Using the sports metaphor, winning the game is the same as delivering great quality work, and having satisfied customers. We’re all part of the same team and we’re very proud when we pull off that win. Our achievements give us great pride and add to our continued improved performance.

The winning culture breeds confidence in our employees. This is why we value it so much.

Confident people start things. They come up with new ideas and aren’t shy or afraid to share them. They believe in themselves and more importantly, their ability to succeed. Confidence leads to action, and action leads to success. It’s the difference between thinking about doing something and actually doing it.

We show our pride through the quality and attention to detail that goes into our work. But it isn’t all serious. With a great culture and a fun environment, it’s also clear in the way we present ourselves.

Our colourful FiveFriday socks – worn by all on a Friday – is testament to this company pride and confidence.

José De MagalhaesJosé De Magalhaes
Watch this space for a 300 page biography, but in summation, I’m not smart, I just wear glasses. I find people's lack of Star Wars knowledge disturbing. People call me Juice, but you can call me anytime.