FiveFriday Values: Have fun

Have fun. Two short words, big impact.

All work and no play? Not a chance. We say business is serious, and work is fun!

The value encourages, and reminds us, to have fun while we take business seriously.

Does it mean we have organised games every day? No. Does it mean we provide entertainment all the time? No.

Fun is not limited to, or defined, by the occasional organised activities. Don’t get me wrong, we love the office games. The games are part of who we are.

These events promote and encourage teamwork, they promote getting to know one another on a different level, and they galvanize the spirit of being FiveFriday.

For me, the true value of ‘Have fun’ is when work is fun. When people enjoy what they do to the point where coming to work is an act of enjoyment, not a must-do activity.

We, every one of us, make our work fun. We bring fun to our work. Struggling with a problem does not mean it’s devoid of fun. Failing in a task does not mean the task did not have an element of fun.


‘When you’ve finished with the mop, then you can stop

And look at what you’ve done

The plateau’s clean, no dirt to be seen

And the work, it was fun’

– Lyrics from Plateau by the Meat Puppets


Numerous studies on the effect of laughter on our bodies support the benefits of having fun. Even more reason to bring tons of it into the workplace. Laughter is the best medicine after all.

Having fun does not mean we’re not serious about what we do. I witness that on most days, for which I’m grateful. It often reminds me to look for ways to inject more fun into my job.

Bringing the fun to our work is as much everyone’s responsibility as being happy is our individual responsibility. Of course, when we’re happy, we find that fun tags along effortlessly. Laughter, happiness, and fun are contagious. Spread it around.

Being authentically you is essential to having more fun. Even if you are a little weird, but that’s a subject for another day.

Herman KrielHerman Kriel
FiveFriday CEO and EO Member Herman is a former developer with a great entrepreneurial spirit. Music stokes his passion, while his guitar and motorcycle keep life interesting. He appreciates the joys of travel and believes that ‘It’s OK to be a little weird’.