Employee Showcase: Herman

  1. What is your preferred name / nickname?

Harry – family and friends.

Hermie – my kids.

  1. What’s your favourite ice-cream?

So many to choose from! Haagen Dazs Belgian chocolate is up there with the best.

  1. Do you like answering questions?

Happy to answer, even better when there’s a discussion with different opinions. I view questions as an opportunity to learn.

  1. What is your favourite time / season of the year?

Everyday of the year is special! I wake up, check that I still breathe & that’s enough to make the day great. Spring is pretty awesome, summer is great. Autumn is really good, and winter has its own charm.

  1. How often do you use emojis?

🙂 are you kidding me?

  1. What do you like most about working at FiveFriday?

The people. The culture. The number of Fridays per week.

  1. Do you listen to music at work, or do you enjoy listening to what your colleagues have to say?

I rarely get the opportunity to listen to music at work.  Prefer to listen to the mood in the office.

  1. If you could teleport anywhere right now for the next 24 hours, where would you go?

Lofoten Links, Norway – golf and the northern lights in one day!

  1. If you could instantly gain knowledge on any one subject / topic, what would it be?

Human behaviour. Wait – maybe rocket science, then I can tell if people are correct when they say “it’s not rocket science”. Yip, definitely rocket science.

  1. Anything else you can tell us about yourself?

Probably, can you be more specific please?

José De MagalhaesJosé De Magalhaes
Watch this space for a 300 page biography, but in summation, I’m not smart, I just wear glasses. I find people's lack of Star Wars knowledge disturbing. People call me Juice, but you can call me anytime.